Friday, October 12, 2012

Alumni Football USA: What does this game mean to YOU?

"This game is like a Super Bowl to me." 

     Asheville vs. A.C. Reynolds. August 11, 2012. This is your game.

 It’s for you
Your team.
 Your family.
Your community. 
Your dream.
Your game.

We caught up with the Asheville and A.C. Reynolds players to find out what this game means to them. 

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2nd Annual Hawaii Alumni Football USA Games!

Last year  Alumni Football USA® Hawaii Games Rocked the Big Island! For the first time in history, former Hawaii high school football players were able to return and play full contact football against their old High School Rivals! 
Kealakehe High School raised over $12,000!
Now, it's your turn!

Maui   vs. Baldwin 
7:00 pm Saturday, Dec 29, 2012 
War Memorial Stadium

Hilo   vs.  Waiakea 
7:30 pm Friday, Jan 04, 2013 
Wong Stadium

Konawaena   vs. Kealakehe 
7:00 pm Saturday, Jan 05, 2013 
Kealakehe Stadium

Honoka'a   vs. Kohala 
4:00 pm Sunday, Jan 06, 2013 
Honoka'a High School

Waimea   vs. Kapa'a 
7:00 pm Friday, Jan 25, 2013 
Honopepe Stadium

Check out this article about last year's BIG GAME:

Ken and Clay Tawzer: The Power of Two

"I get to play with my son, life doesn't get any better than having your best friend with you."
Father and son. Best friends. Ken Tawzer graduated in 1971, but age didn't keep him from jumping at the opportunity to play in a full contact Alumni Football USA game with his 30 year old son, Clay. When asked why Ken wanted to play, he said, "I get to play with my son, life doesn't get any better than having your best friend with you."

Clay works out with his Dad in the gym three times a week. Clay has seen his Dad bench 525 pounds at 60 years old. He is proud to say his Dad is a seven time World Champion Powerlifter. Clay, a professional wrestler, has some bragging rights of his own. According to his Dad, Clay is a four time Powerlifting Champion with a bench of 700 for a double. Powerlifting is not all they have in common, they also paint together for a living. Ken operates Tawzer Painting which has been in business since 1960. This father-son combo have been practicing together for weeks on the football field joining all the guys getting ready for one more game. After the August 18th Alumni Football USA game they share one more common title- a WIN for their Alma Mater. At the end of the 2nd Quarter, St. Joseph was leading 14 to 13, but Righetti was able to end with the victory, after a hard fought game. The Tawzer power team united with fellow Righetti alumni for a 35:14 win against long standing rival St. Joseph. Over $4,000 was raised for school programs. 

Meet the Tawzers:

                     Check out the Game Highlights Here: