Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's Here! The Official Alumni Football USA® App!

Guess what? We now have an official Alumni Football USA® App
Watch the official Alumni Football USA® App Promo video:
Download it today:
*It's FREE!
*It's an easy, portable way for you and our players and fans to:
1. Share. With the simple click of a button, you can tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text Message all about Alumni Football USA®!
2. Register. Now you can download the App and register and pay- right from your smart phone!
3. Check In. You can let everyone know you are having a blast at an Alumni Football USA® event- right in the moment!
4. Call us. One-touch access to Alumni Football USA®- for easy registering and questions.
...and SO much more! Download it on your phone right now and explore everything this App can do for you!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Alumni Football USA raises over $690,000 for schools!

Since 2010, Alumni Football USA has helped schools raise nearly $700,000!!! While thousands of guys across America are thrilled to be living their dream of one more full-contact football game against their rival, schools are enjoying funds raised from the games.

How it Works:
Alumni Football USA® will round up former football players from your high school, hold practices, and schedule a Full Contact Alumni Football Game! You provide the high school football field for the event. Schools sell Pre-Sale Tickets prior to game day for the event. In exchange for field use, the hosting school also gets full concession, and raffle rights at the game!
 Alumni Football USA® gives 50% of Pre-Sale admission
  tickets proceeds 
to the school!
• Alumni Football USA® gives 100% concession and raffle
  rights to the hosting school in exchange for the field!


• The schools pay NO money up front, infact the schools pay
   NO money at all!

• Alumni Football USA® provides ALL the equipment,
   field liability insurance, officials, security, game day personnel, emergency personnel, and over 25 years of


Bob Cazet, M.Ed., the founder and president of Alumni Football USA® , has been coaching football and softball teams since the 1980s. With a Master's Degree in education and as a former teacher in the California school system, he found that sports programs were generally the first to go in tight budget years. His love for football, teaching, and coaching led him to create a business model that benefits schools and former high school football players. Since we began recording fundraising efforts in January, 2010, schools have been praising the athletic department for the increased revenue without ANY cost to the school. But don't take our word for it, the "open book" fundraising policy at Alumni Football USA® allows you to see for yourself.

For more information on this fantastic fundraising opportunity, check out the Alumni Football USA website: